The summer has almost escaped us (how did it go so quickly?!), but as we move into the more tranquil days of autumn on the island, it seems the charm of Ibiza only grows stronger. As temperatures (and prices) drop, accessibility increases, making October one of the most cherished months in Ibiza for savvy tourists and locals alike. Read on to find out why: 

1. Autumn sunshine.

The weather in October is simply perfect and really can’t be beaten anywhere else in Europe. Explore the island’s stunning nature as the air gets fresher and more comfortable for outdoor activities. Hidden locations such as Atlantis and breathtakingly beautiful hiking routes become easier to reach (those who have attempted these during the height of summer know what we are talking about!) The sun still shines brightly all day long, with average highs of 24 degrees and average night time lows of 17 degrees, so it certainly isn’t chilly! 

Atlantis – Sa Pedrera

2. The island is your oyster.

One of the most frustrating things on holiday is having to queue, and those who are familiar with Ibiza know that this applies to everything and everywhere during peak season! So imagine Ibiza without the queues.. wouldn’t it be perfect? Welcome October! The island is yours to explore spontaneously without needing to make reservations a month in advance. You can enjoy some of the most popular restaurants on the island at a more relaxed pace, where you are guaranteed great service, and world-class food. There are also many in-demand experiences and activities that become more readily accessible, everything from workshops to watersports, top massage therapists to outdoor cinema experiences!

3. The calm after the storm.

Ibiza can be a whirlwind during peak season! Even this year, without all of the clubs being open, the island has still experienced a rush of tourists, bringing a much needed sense of normality back to the island. As the chaos of September commits to memory, calmer days are upon us. No more rushing to the beach to secure the perfect position before the masses arrive, you can enjoy serene almost movie-like settings anywhere you go! Think unobstructed views of Es Vedra at sunset, and ample space to park! 

4. No need to break the bank

Let’s face it, Ibiza isn’t known for being the most economical summer holiday destination! However, after the season ends prices plummet and you can experience the island at a much lower cost. Rent a car for next to nothing and enjoy scenic road trips without getting caught up in that annoying traffic that plagues the island during summer months! Generally, there are discounts to be found across most tourist amenities, meaning you can pick up bargains on everything from flights to accessories in your favourite boutiques.

5. Retreat season

If self care is your thing, look no further than Ibiza during October. Health enthusiasts, yogis, and all kinds holistic therapists and teachers descend on the White Isle as it becomes the wellness epicenter of the world! There has never been a better time to restore, recharge, and reconnect in idyllic nature as the island winds down simultaneously with you after the busy summer. Take part in world renowned yoga retreats, fitness boot camps, and all other imaginable holistic practices with the guidance of the most incredible teachers and coaches.

6. Closing parties.

Party go-ers know that Ibiza always saves the best until last, and this year is no exception. Although there has been a distinct drought in the party scene this summer, we know that Ibiza will certainly not close without a bang! It has recently been announced that all clubs will be allowed to open for the first time since the pandemic on 8th October, could autumn be the new summer? Beach clubs and party venues across the island have scheduled closing events, along with the legendary superclub, Amnesia Ibiza, which will ironically be opening back up for the first time to throw an epic closing party. Anyone that knows Amnesia knows that their Closing Party is one must-attend event, so we can only imagine this party will be on another level. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground as we expect many events to be announced following recent news.

7. It’s Ibiza!

 Ibiza is always magical no matter what time of year, need we say more!

Published 30th September 2021
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