London is home to some of the coolest art and galleries in the world. You will already know the Tate and the National, but have you visited these inspiring venues?

Unit London, Mayfair

Situated on the corner of Hanover St. in Mayfair, Unit London is an artist-led contemporary gallery that was founded in 2013 by childhood friends; Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burns, both painters themselves. The gallery has established itself as a global artistic platform, recognised and admired by some of the art world’s top artists and collectors alike. Artists exhibiting their work here include: Philip Colbert, Henry Hudson, Allison Zuckerman, and Jeremy Olson. 

Maddox Gallery

Whilst strolling down Maddox Street, you certainly won’t miss the world renowned original Maddox Gallery. The marvelous, often brightly coloured displays over the front entrance attract passers by on the prestigious streets of Mayfair, but the excitement doesn’t stop there by any account – walk inside and be prepared to be transported into mesmerizing displays from some of the world’s most respected blue-chip, established, and emerging artists. The gallery was founded in 2015 and has soon established itself as a main player within the modern and contemporary art world, now with five locations spread between London, Gstaad, and Los Angeles. 


Proud Galleries

Launched by the legendary Alex Proud in 1998, Proud Galleries remains one of the finest collections of fine art photography in Europe. A hotbed of unseen photography, you’ll find photos of some of the coolest, the legendary and the unforgettable icons of pop culture. The gallery is home to the largest collection of authenticated, hand signed, estate embossed, limited edition and vintage photography fine art prints on record. Throughout the years the gallery has welcomed Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger, Sir Elton John, Sir Jackie Stewart, Twiggy, Giorgio Armani, Alexander McQueen, Roger Moore, Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, Tracey Emin, Helena Christensen, Jude Law, and Chris Martin, just to name a few! Bands and musicians to have played here include the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Blur, The Libertines, Bush, Prodigy, So Solid Crew, Primal Scream, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt, and more. 


Both quirky and minimalistic, Domobaal is a unique gallery which predominantly features contemporary paintings and sculptures. Situated on John Street in the Bloomsbery or Holborn area of London, the gallery was established in 2000 in an old Georgian townhouse which was once a law firm headquarters. The space most definitely has charming character and is brought to life by the many multidisciplinary artists that have made their marks within the gallery. Artists include: Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Lothar Götz, Christopher Hanlon, Maud Cotter, Neil Gall and Nicky Hirst

The Crypt Gallery

As one of London’s most unique and atmospheric exhibition spaces, The Crypt Gallery sits at the top of the list. The gallery is set in the crypt of St Pancras Church, which was originally designed and used for coffin burials from 1822-1854, over 500 bodies were laid to rest here. In 2002, the Crypt Gallery was born, breathing new life into the space by spotlighting the artwork of modern artists along the walls and alcoves of the cavernous space. It is a popular venue, hosting a year-round programme of contemporary art exhibitions, book launches, and performances.

Graffik London 

Located on the famed Portobello Road, in the heart of Notting Hill, you will find Graffik Gallery along with its own Graffiti Garden. As you may have guessed from the name, Graffik specialises in street and urban art. Industry-recognized Banksy specialists staple Graffik as the go-to gallery for urban art. On display you can view works by Banksy, Dotmaster, Stik, Alec Monopoly, Clet and Robin Coleman. Private viewings can be arranged for secondary market works from Warhol to Basquiat. The gallery is open to everyone and hosts various events and graffiti workshops!

Cob Gallery

Established in 2011 by gallerist Victoria Williams and playwright Polly Stenham, Cob Gallery is a home for emerging visual artists in North London. The space is pristinely white and strikingly modern, allowing all focus to be directed at the diverse display of talent that characterizes the walls. Incorporating a substantial exhibition space as well as studio spaces for artists to work from, the gallery fosters a culture of close collaboration and mutual support between artists, offering an inclusive and nourishing space for them to develop their practice. Artists who have worked and exhibited here, that have frequently gone on to enjoy international recognition, have included: Noémie Goudal, Katie Paterson, Phoebe Collings-James. The gallery represents artists including Faye Wei Wei, Cat Roissetter, Alba Hodsoll, Nina Mae Fowler and Jason Shulman.

White Chapel Gallery

Over to East London now, the home of Whitechapel Gallery, a publicly funded gallery since 1901! The beautiful historic building has stood its ground on the north side of Whitechapel High Street with a century-long commitment to art, and has housed some of the world’s finest artwork. When you step inside the grand building, you follow the footsteps of modern masters such as Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Hannah Hoch, and pioneering contemporary artists such as Zarina Bhimji, William Kentridge and Cindy Sherman, all of whom premiered at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Green & Stone of Chelsea

Not a gallery as such, but Green & Stone on King’s Road can’t go unmentioned when it comes to listing cool art venues in the capital. Adele, David Hockney, Eric Clapton and Micheal Caine, among many other big names, frequently visited this infamous little art shop. Green & Stone of Chelsea was first established by Mr Alfred Green and his sons in 1927, as a picture framers and supplier of specialist art materials. In 1934 they relocated just a 5 minute walk away to their current location at 259 King’s Road, a premises previously run as a shop for the Women’s Suffragette Movement. 

Now proudly owned by the Baldwins, since 1978, the shop has been described as ‘one of the most friendly and enchanting shops to visit in London’ all staff are exhibiting artists themselves and are always on hand to offer expert help and specialist advice about materials and techniques.

Published 09th November 2021
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