UK’s springtime has been feeling like the midst of summer, enjoying some very welcomed warm weather (blue skies and very little rain in May) – whilst the UK has been steadily recovering and starting to be deemed “Covid Safe”.

As the peak has passed, London’s lively heart is starting to beat again with many of our iconic doors soon opening to our favourite shops and attractions. Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason are just a few on our list we can’t wait to visit. If only to breathe in the gorgeous familiar smells that come to greet us upon arrival. And with some restaurants and our splendid outdoor spaces close to Buckingham & Lloyd’s surroundings, they too will be back on our to-do-list. Oh how we’ve missed this!

Our beloved Royal Parks, right in front of our door have thankfully remained open during these times. With its tremendous history dating back to the early 1600s, both Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens have been a vital centre point for our city. Our parks have so much more to offer than just a lovely walk or jog. Boating, tennis, cycling, swimming and horse riding are just some of the few activities to mention that can be enjoyed. There’s the famous Serpentine Gallery and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, in which one can dip their toes in when going on an exploratory stroll.

Travel is now allowed again within the UK, so visiting London and its surrounding areas is an exciting feeling. With many of us being cooped-up in our houses for so long, Buckingham & Lloyds offers a 5 star home away from home luxury accommodation, the perfect base to explore and where much can be enjoyed!

However, we also like to think practical! With people starting to get back to work, we want everyone to be safe and therefore we have recently begun implementing “work from home” packages, more details will be announced on our instagram page (@buckingham_lloyds) – in short, this means that we offer special deals to businesses in our local area, where their employees can stay with us during working days to minimise travel. A practical and yet luxurious solution to our current improving situation. If you would like to know more please do get in touch with our team.

So indeed, life in London and the UK is starting to blossom again and we are excited and ready for it!

Published 07th July 2020
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