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There are apartments and hotels. Then there are Buckingham & Lloyds aparthotels and villas, a concept we’ve fine-tuned since 2016. Here, you get the hallmarks of a hotel stay: next-level addresses, first-class service and itineraries tailored to the T by our here-whenever-you-need-us guest-experience team. With all the freedom of a private place.

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Starting in Hyde Park Gate, Buckingham and Lloyds is a collection of luxury apartments that has done nothing but grow in potential since day one.

At Buckingham & Lloyds, we’re pioneering a new type of luxury that’s all about choice. We’re on a mission to make sure no stay is one-size-fits-all. Life’s too short for bad experiences.

We’re currently proudly offering:

  • 12 Luxury Apartments & Villas
  • 3 Destinations

There’s nothing like stepping out your front door and straight into London’s world-class attractions. Whether it’s Eastern Europe’s most creative city. Or Mediterranean homes where the sea is your closest neighbour.

From our serviced aparthotels and luxury villas, there are galleries to explore, beaches to swim, pastries to eat. But inside, it’s your sanctuary. Whatever makes you feel at home, our guest-experience team will take care of. Your favourite tea on the counter when you arrive. A fridge stocked with produce freshly picked from the farmers’ market. Or the smell of a Sunday roast as our private chef puts it all together.

With Buckingham & Lloyds, you get the best of both worlds. We’ve cut out the unnecessary extras of a hotel to give you a luxury experience that’s all about choice. It’s showing up with no plans. And having them made for you. Pillows fluffed but privacy guaranteed. Real luxury is all about choice – not unnecessary extras.

Whatever your “do not disturb” looks like, we can make it happen.

Buckingham & Lloyds founder, Sam Ibgi, speaks calmly when he explains:

Luxury is not really something tangible anymore, it’s not flashy devices and expensive products. It’s about a feeling, face to face, human interaction, people who know you by name, who greet you, who make you feel welcome, and who give you a space to be you. This is the goal at Buckingham & Lloyds, this is the feeling we want to give. Sam Ibgi Founder, Buckingham & Lloyds

Our commitment to sustainability

At Buckingham and Lloyds we believe that it is our job is to contribute to the future generation’s health and happiness and in order to build a more sustainable world we have a responsibility to play our part. From eradicating single-use plastic to using sustainable brands, our focus is to continue reducing our carbon footprint.

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