What is an Aparthotel? In short, it’s a hybrid living space furnished in the style and luxury associated with a top-class hotel room, while providing the convenience associated with a well-equipped home. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of Apartment and Hotel room. But in reality, the sum is much greater than the parts.

As staycations are becoming a new normal around the world, so is the demand for the aparthotel. Over the years this has become a fast-growing sector in the travel industry – for the ease and convenience, mixed with service and privacy. And now with a need for safer vacationing – the aparthotel is on the rise.

Looking at the features on offer for business travellers and families alike, one can scarcely believe that the apartment hotel concept took so long to develop. Great ideas always seem obvious in hindsight, and the aparthotel is such an inevitable solution to the obvious shortcomings of hotels that one can safely assume they will soon dominate the market for business travel and family holidays.

What is an Aparthotel?

So, what really is an aparthotel?! The word gives it away – you’re staying in a luxury apartment that has all the convenience of a hotel.

But what sets the Aparthotel apart? Anyone who has spent some time travelling will readily attest to the fact that hotels are great for the short term but soon lose their appeal. Extended stay hotels try to create a home away from home atmosphere, but without the independence offered by your own kitchen and laundry facilities, you inevitably end up feeling like a temporary stay at neighbours has turned into a semi-permanent stint.

How Does an Aparthotel Differ from a Traditional Hotel?

What sets the aparthotel apart is the fact that they offer boutique hotel luxury and style while granting occupants such home features as your own room, a living room, kitchenette and laundry facilities.

Regular hotels revolve around the hotel room with an ensuite bathroom. The assumption is that occupants will be spending most of their time outside the room. A compact living area is provided that can serve in the short term but becomes cramped during longer stays.

Are Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments the same?

But before you start thinking that Aparthotels are no more than serviced apartments, remember that services apartments don’t offer a 24/7 concierge, daily maid turn-down, daily in-room breakfast or a personal chef. At an Aparthotel you can seamlessly switch between self-catering or chef-prepared meals, options that would be mutually exclusive in a studio apartment or standard hotel.

What Does an Aparthotel Include?

The Aparthotel offers room service or the convenience of ordering a takeaway. Separate living spaces makes it really convenient during family vacations or business trips when there is some time to kill between activities. They typically offer a lounge area, daily housekeeping, a kitchen with a full set of crockery and wifi, all wrapped in a highly attractive and cost-effective package.

Whether short or long-term, a holiday should be a holiday; where one can relax and not worry about tidying, cleaning, washing-up or cooking. Someone else can handle this for you; arrange your dinner reservations, organise a trusted nanny, bring a hairdresser to you or book a private gym session with a personal trainer. The beauty is knowing, that should you wish to cook or do your own laundry; this is all possible in our fully furnished apartments.

Who Should Consider Stay at an Aparthotel?

Aparthotels are for people who like having options. Whether you want to spend time in a city centre or island retreat, if you want the freedom of choice between a self-cooked or chef-prepared meal, an aparthotel is the ideal option for you.

Parents with children will also appreciate the laundry facilities enabling you to deal with washing challenges as they might arise. Aparthotels are ideal for longer stays and provide more exclusive living experiences than serviced apartments.

Why Choose Buckingham & Lloyds for Your Aparthotel Stays?

Buckingham & Lloyds have an exclusive range of beautifully decorated luxury apartments offering visitors the opportunity to craft unique breakaway experiences and the opportunity for creative and novel ways of celebrating special occasions. Our committed team is always available to ensure that your entertainment vision is realised, turning birthdays and anniversaries into cherished memories.

Constantly upgrading, we are proud to invite guests to work up a sweat in the recently added private gym or stay at the new Residence Apartments next door to Buckingham & Lloyds flagship aparthotel in front of Hyde Park. With their own personal sense of style and taste and much attention to detail. You can truly make it a home away from home and you choose which apartment becomes your favourite.

Live like a local while dining at the restaurant where Princess Diana took the young royals for pizza, or explore the Portobello Market in Notting Hill in search of rare treasures.

With Kensington’s historical streets and a host of other attractions within walking distance, Buckinham & Lloyds is the ideal base from which to plan fun family activities, romantic breakaways or take a well-deserved break from back-to-back business engagements.

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Published 19th August 2020
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