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Luxury Villas in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza’s best homes. World-class service.

The White Isle wasn’t made for ordinary experiences.  Sipping tinto de verano on a private yacht. Dancing to the sunset drums on Benirrás beach. Retreating to your luxury Ibiza villa after a day in Ibiza Town or having experienced the nightlife of San Antonio. A secluded island escape, with Buckingham & Lloyds’ signature service.

You have Ibiza. And then you have Buckingham & Lloyds’ Ibiza. That chartered yacht in the distance you’ve always dreamt of? It’s yours if you want it. Feel like flying into the island with peacefulness? You should see how serene the Jet we will book for you is. Whether it’s cocktails at the beach club that’s always overbooked or the private chef that’s here to take over any dinner party, we make it happen because we understand that not one Ibizan Villa experience is one-size-fits-all.

From San Jose to Cala Jondal, our luxury villa rental options are perfect for a once in a lifetime Ibiza holiday. Whether you’re wanting panoramic sea views of the Mediterranean, to be close to Ibiza’s best beaches, or to have your own private swimming pool, our modern villas are ideal for the ultimate Ibiza getaway whether you’re part of a large group, or looking for something more intimate.

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Our commitment to sustainability

At Buckingham and Lloyds we believe that it is our job to contribute to the future generation’s health and happiness and in order to build a more sustainable world, we have a responsibility to play our part. From eradicating single-use plastic to using sustainable brands, our focus is to continue reducing our carbon footprint.

Luxury doesn’t mean compromising our beliefs. Through the use of low emission private jets and environmentally conscious yachting partnerships in Ibiza we make responsible choices, and try to integrate sustainable travel commitments into all areas of our business.

  • Protecting marine welfare

    10% of all money made on Yacht Chartering will be donated to a Marine Life Charity.

  • Negative carbon footprint

    Our partnered jet company, SHY Aviation, obtained the internationally acclaimed PAS 2060 certification, achieving net zero carbon emissions.

  • Eco water filter & glass water bottles provided

    Each villa comes with a water filter and glass refill bottles so there’s no need to purchase any pre-packaged water.

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