People come to London for many reasons. History that dates back to Roman times. Art and culture that strides into the future. Good food for the journey. And Buckingham & Lloyds. Your key to the city’s best addresses.

Rumour has it that when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life. Or you could stay in our apartments to recharge. Outside, the city is electric. Crowds around Buckingham Palace and Shakespeare’s Globe. Small-plate restaurants in Soho. Curtain calls in the West End. But inside our aparthotels, you get the chance to switch off. City-centre retreats. World-class service. Your favourite tea on the counter when you want it. Or a bag of popcorn for a cinematic night in. 

We’ve brought you the best of both worlds. The privacy of your own home but the luxury of having someone sweat the small stuff for you. Those West End show tickets you feel like going to last minute? We’ve got you covered. Need a freshly pressed outfit to wear to it? Don’t even think about it, we’ve done that for you too. Hungry after such a great performance? You’ve guessed it. Late night table booked. Oh, and the nanny called, the children are sound asleep.

Fully equipped gym and weights included with your stay in London

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Wake up to breakfast in bed, with our new complimentary breakfast service.

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Our commitment to sustainability

At Buckingham and Lloyds we believe that it is our job is to contribute to the future generation’s health and happiness and in order to build a more sustainable world we have a responsibility to play our part. From eradicating single-use plastic to using sustainable brands, our focus is to continue reducing our carbon footprint.

We use eco-friendly brands throughout Buckingham and Lloyds, having joined Molton Brown along with Cheeky Panda on their ever-evolving sustainability journeys.

  • Cheeky Panda bamboo based toilet roll

    Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world and using this instead of normal trees helps the environment tremendously. Cheeky Panda also invests back into the rain forest and are carbon balanced. On top of this, bamboo is skin-friendly and a lovely soft texture.

  • Eco cleaning products used throughout the apartment

    We use a local company who only provides us with eco-friendly brands and collects the empty bottles to recycle. Eco-friendly products are not only better for the environment, but also better for our health.

  • Eco water filter & glass water bottles provided

    Each apartment comes with a water filter and glass refill bottles so there’s no need to purchase any pre-packaged water.

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