The Future of Aparthotels – Smart Hotel Technology

Think back to a time when you imagined what a futuristic world would look like, how did you picture it? Perhaps you would arrive at your house on a hoverboard, ambient music and lighting switches itself on as it senses your arrival and mood, the cleaning has been done by your robotic housekeeper whilst you were gone, and your favourite Friday night dinner has automatically been ordered and will be at your door in thirty minutes.

This once-fantasy world is not too far from our current reality. The world around us is changing rapidly, as is the way in which we are adapting and living – but what does this mean for the aparthotel industry?

Changing the overall experience for guests

The adoption of smart hotel technology in the industry is continuously changing the overall experience for guests and employees alike. Smart technology uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analysis to provide cognitive awareness to objects that were considered inanimate in the past. This technology is being used to create smart homes, and thus smart apartments as well as smart hotel rooms.

So what are the benefits? To put it simply, smart technology provides convenience. As the industry strives to deliver the best possible service, the need to integrate technologies into living spaces is ever-growing in order to create that WOW factor for guests’ experiences, as well as the efficiency factor for management.

Smart hotels and aparthotels would likely integrate smart amenities, management systems, and building automation systems. Smart amenities would include voice controlled systems such as smart lights, locks, blinds, and speakers that could act as personal assistants. Think: ‘Hey Siri, order me a pepperoni pizza’, *Siri notifies room service*. Just like in the hotel industry, staff would no longer need to collect keys when guests vacate their apartments, they would simply change access codes of the vacant smart apartment from their device. Lights and AC units being left on would be a problem of the past as everything would be automated to switch itself off once the space is vacated. Leak-sensing alerts could also be set up to avoid flood damages and repairs.

As our external environment evolves, so do our expectations and demands, until the point that we couldn’t imagine life without these technologies. But how far would we want to take it? There is a certain level of luxury in being greeted and served by a real person rather than a robot. Perhaps some aspects smart living should be kept the ‘old fashioned’ way, whilst benefiting from a few of the added luxuries modern technology offers.

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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