The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque destinations in the world, oozing with romance and fascinating history. This UNESCO-listed coastline is considered to be the most scenic area in Italy; a vertical landscape of pastel-hued towns and villages suspended between green-swathed mountains and the iridescent Mediterranean Sea.

We are thrilled to be introducing Buckingham & Lloyds to this stunning coastline, with ten luxury villas available for our guests, all complete with Buckingham & Lloyds five-star services and amenities. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all with us, our guest-experience team can simply hand you the keys and welcome you to your villa, or tailor-make your full itinerary, taking care of every element of your trip. 

Now to set an example, let’s jump into our perfect itinerary for a one-week stay.

Day 1 – Arrival day:

Welcome to the Amalfi Coast!

While there are many things to see and do in this stunningly beautiful area, after a long day of travelling, why not take the afternoon off and get acquainted with your villa? Relax outside and take in the breathtaking sea views. Have a glass of Prosecco or two! Perhaps you’d like to arrange for a massage or to be taken to the local town for a little wander about. Just let us know and we can arrange it all.

After your long journey you may like to continue enjoying the comforts of the villa and pre-arrange for a private chef to cook you a meal at home.

Day 2 – Positano Tour:

Enjoy a guided tour of the village visiting shops, beaches and bars. This is a great way to familiarize yourselves with the Amalfi Coast. You’ll learn all about the local history and view the hidden ruins and the famous Dome Church. Enjoy a glass of wine or lunch at one of the beaches. The rest of the day can be spent at the beach or relaxing at your villa.

Day 3 – Capri:

Hire out a private yacht or boat to visit the picturesque island of Capri for the day. There is plenty to do from shopping, eating, walking, visiting historic ruins or spending the day at the Lido. Highly recommended: take a taxi and do the island tour as you can see so much more! Make sure you make time to go up to Anacapri which is the quieter part of the island, or spend more time on the water and view the island from the shore.

After a long day on the sea, why not have a private chef cook another delicious meal at home, or venture out to one of the great restaurants in the mountain villages so that you can look down on the Amalfi Coast by night.

Day 4 – Trek in the Mountains on the Path of the Gods:

Perhaps the most popular trekking path along the Amalfi Coast, a walk here recalls the incredible landscapes of Greek mythology. The route starts at Bomerano (Agerola), a long, beautiful panoramic path through the mountains surrounded by typical Mediterranean nature. Feel like you need a bit more guidance? We can arrange for one of our trusted guides to tell you all about the mythical places you would have seen on your trek when he meets you in Nocelle. On your way back from the heights of the coast, feel free to stop and admire the views. The tour we are able to arrange for you lasts 3 hours and includes an artisanal visit and a picnic lunch.

Day 5 – Learn to Cook:

You know what they say: When in Rome! Well.. perhaps a bit more south than Rome in your case! It’s great to order off the menu in your best Italian at local restaurants, but making your own dishes with the help of an actual local and devouring your hard work is something else! Make it a family activity, let us arrange a cooking masterclass and feast on your private terrace. We’ll bring the wine (aranciata for the little ones)!

Day 6 – Pompeii:

Ask us for a private driver to take you to Pompeii, the famous ruins, and learn about the Roman civilisation that once flourished in this area from a private guide. If you wish to take learning a little further, ask the driver to take you to the National Archaeological Museum in Naples where all the original artifacts from Pompeii are kept. Afterwards, eat the best pizza in Italy that is found only in Naples, but we’re not ready to share that secret here just yet to make sure to ask us when you check-in!

Day 7 – The Towns of Ravello and Amalfi:

Ravello is a beautiful mountain village famous for its luscious gardens, two famous villas – Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo – and their classical music concerts. The main piazza is for pedestrians only, so it is an idyllic spot to enjoy some tranquility.

Amalfi is a coastal port town with a famous cathedral. Visit the paper factory where you see how paper used to be made and sometimes get a chance to make your own parchment. Eat a delicious ice cream by the fountain in the piazza at the bottom of the cathedral steps. This day can start in the morning or you can start after lunch and see a classical evening concert. This is a universal favorite spot on the Amalfi Coast.

Day 8 – Departure:

Time to have one last cappuccino, pack up, and say “Arrivederci” to your villa and the beautiful Amalfi Coast!

Published 18th August 2021
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