Spring had only just started, when the UK had been put on lockdown. Covid 19 seemed to change the entire world but what we have come to find is a global united force that has brought forth a very warm positive change. A community that has come together, from all walks of life, to create a more loving environment.

We have seen our local football club, the Chelsea Squad make a large donation to our most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic. Handing over their hotel to the NHS. “Hospitality for Heroes”, a non-profit initiative has been set up, which uses local skilled chefs to supply NHS staff with free, healthy meals made with high quality produce from local suppliers. An organization, we at Buckingham & Lloyds have decided to support. For every donation made to Hospitality for Heroes through us, we will match. Please find their details here on how to donate for this lovely cause:

Another observation from a lot of hotels in our community, is to open their doors to the homeless. Since homeless shelters are shut during Covid19, our vulnerable and less fortunate are forced to stay outdoors where risks of catching the virus is far more likely. Hotel The Ned, for example, have offered their rooms to those in need of shelter. The famous Claridge’s Hotel have also stood up and made their rooms available for free to our dear NHS workers. Therefore, we could not stay behind and we also stepped up to help out where we can.

At Buckingham & Lloyds we have always been one to support our local community through our beloved charities. It is therefore, in these difficult times, that we have opened our doors to our newest luxury apartments, “The Residence” at Hyde Park Gate to our most valued NHS workers, completely for free. They are our heroes, working on the frontline behind England’s hospitals and we welcome them to find a restful home after their stressful shifts. The Chelsea and Westminster hospital is in close proximity to Buckingham & Lloyds and therefore a safe place for their staff to stay with us, rather than travel back to their home. It is a far safer option for them and their families and everyone in our community. Please continue to read here:

We have also seen a positive change on climate change. Something high on our priority list before Covid19 started! We are observing that our figures of pollutants have gone down nationally and globally. The Ozone hole shrinking. With clearer skies, cleaner rivers and a more animal friendly environment. We have all seen the pictures of dolphins swimming in Venice, deers entering cities and more exotic birds singing right in front of our beautiful Hyde Park. We at Buckingham & Lloyds hold the environment very close to our heart. We have made many changes to be as eco-friendly as possible at our luxury apartments. All single use plastic has been removed, our cleaning products are all eco-friendly and much more.

Together we are stronger. Together we can make a positive change in these difficult and unpredictable times.

Published 04th May 2020
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