The past year has completely transformed the way in which we work. More and more people in the UK are working remotely, which has its benefits but also comes with undeniable challenges in any household. Here are some tips to maximise your productivity and empower you in your workspace.

Separate and isolate

Keep work space and relaxation space separate. The surroundings in which we put ourselves in have a certain amount of influence over our psychological state. We don’t want to have to work against our environment in order to stay on task. Secondly, we want to aim to be in an environment away from people that distract us. This is particularly difficult if you are surrounded by family. If your space is limited and you don’t have a dedicated office space then getting into a routine where you are setting up the same temporary workspace and setting dedicated work time is crucial.

Set boundaries

If you share your home with others, communication is key in order to establish boundaries when you are working. Separating personal life and work life can be difficult when working from home. Setting rules is a huge factor in creating a productive environment for yourself and protecting your personal relationships! Try creating a system with your family or housemates establishing some simple signals, whether it’s closing a door, putting on headphones or using a Do Not Disturb sign. Clearly communicate your signals in order to create a mutual understanding and shared respect.

Invest in upgrading your workspace

Productivity pays, so ensure that you invest in what you need in order to work at your optimum! A good chair is not only necessary for your health, but also for your concentration. You may not realise the effects at first but your back and posture will thank you in the long run! Keeping a mini white board and calendar in front of your desk with your daily to-do’s will help you to stay on track. A clear mind requires a tidy space, so if you don’t have sufficient storage to organise your materials this is a great investment too.

Be mindful of your health

The global pandemic has accelerated our need for digital connection. Most of us are now carrying out a large proportion of our daily interactions through a screen rather than physically, allowing for the body to become stagnant. Unlike the blood, the lymphatic system doesn’t pump itself; setting breaks for 5 minutes of star-jumps or skipping will get your body pumping without even leaving the house. Meditation or stretches are always a welcome break away from the screen for both the eyes and the mind. Setting timers for such activities will allow you to stay focused and avoid counter-productivity. Keep plenty of water and snacks such as fruit and nuts close to your desk to avoid any unhealthy temptations.

Create a Positive Space

Flood the room with light and fresh air. Creating a positive environment will do wonders for your level of concentration and motivation which will reflect in the quality of your work! Keeping plants such as aloe vera close by has been proven to have calming effects. If you have an unavoidable noisy environment, consider using some noise cancelling headphones (also a great isolation tool). There are some great playlists for concentration out there, whether you prefer listening to white noise, ambient sounds or music. Sound can greatly impact focus.

Remember your digital environment

This has just as much effect on you as your physical environment. If you are surrounded by digital distractions such as your phone going off or the TV in the background, it is important to limit these distractions as much as possible. Turn off notifications, use Do Not Disturb mode or simply keep distracting devices away from your workspace.

Published 01st May 2021
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